Pharmacy  Department
Standard Inspection Form (SIF)

pharmacyPharmacy is the paramedical branch that fulfils one of the most basic  needs of mankind that is alleviating  suffering due to ill health by supplying safe effective and authentic medicines and  guiding the people to adopt healthy life style in order to maintain good health. Pharmacist is responsible for dispensing, storage and manufacturing of drugs.

Apart from this, it also offers clinical services like counselling the patient about the correct use, dosages, side effects and adverse drug reaction of the drugs and assist them in the treatment of poisoning.  He also makes them aware about  deadly diseases like AIDS, Cancer, Hepatitis  and helps  in  their prevention and early detection. It is the pharmacist, who first of all becomes  aware of an epidemic of  infectious  disease in a community. Thus pharmacy is a centre of community health and contributes a great deal to preventive and social medicine. It acts as a drug information centre providing a link between the physician and the patient. The importance of Pharmacy is evident from the fact that even a skilled physician is dependent on pharmacist for the supply of pure and effective medicines to cure the patient.

Pharmacy deptt was founded in 1987 and since then, it is doing sincere efforts towards building the healthy career of diploma holders in the field of pharmacy. The deptt is well equipped with various laboratories. It has highly qualified and experienced staff. Presently, the intake is 60 students and duration of course is two years. Examinations are conducted by the PSBTE, Chandigarh.This course is approved by AICTE & PCI.
Staff Structure
  • HOD 01
  • Sr. Lecturer 01
  • Lecturer 04
  • Lab Assistant 02
  • Peon 02
Name Of Faculty Designation Qualificaion. Email-Id
  Mr.Sanjay Bansal   HOD   M.Pharm /PHD/ PGDM
  Ms.Meena   Bansal   Lecturer   M.Pharm
  Mr.Sundip Kumar   Lecturer   M.Pharm
  Mr.Pankaj Gupta   Lecturer   M.Pharm
 Mr. Karaninder Singh   Lecturer   M.Pharm (Gold Medalist)
 Ms. Rupinder Kaur   Lecturer   M.Pharm

pharmacy_lab1The deptt. has fully equipped and spacious laboratories, one machine room and one museum as per norms of PCI.

The Laboratories have equipments and facilities for conducting the various experiments as given in E.R.91 of PCI for diploma Educational programme.

It also has a botanical garden in which a large number of medicinal plants have been grown.

Job Opportunities and Career Advancements

Job Opportunities
The students passing Diploma in Pharmacy have the following job opportunities.
– As dispensing pharmacist in hospitals / dispensaries of various govt. deptts. Including defence.
– As dispensing pharmacist in various autonomous bodies.
– As professional sales representative in various pharmaceutical firms/companies.
– Self employment i.e. as Chemists and druggists or re-packing of the drugs.

Career Advancements
The students passing the diploma in Pharmacy can further improve their qualification as shown below:
– Direct Admission to 2nd year B.Pharm. and then M.Pharm and Ph.D.
– Direct admission to 3rd semester B.SC. MLT.

Sr.No. Name R.No. Nature of placement
1 Anil Sharma 401/08 Govt. Job(108 Ambulance)
2 Arvinder Pal Singh 402/08 M.R.
3 Deepika Arora 403/08 Higher Studies
4 Gobind 404/08 Higher Studies
5 Gurjeet Singh 405/08 M.R.
6 Gurpreet 406/08 Pharmacist
7 Gurpreet Kaur 407/08 No Information
8 Gurpreet Kaur 408/08 Higher Studies
9 Gursewak Singh 409/08 Higher Studies
10 Jaspreet Kaur 410/08 Pharmacist
11 Jitesh Kumar 411/08 Free
12 Keshav Bhagi 412/08 Govt. Job(108 Ambulance)
13 Kuljit Singh 414/08 Pharmacist
14 Mandeep Kumar 415/08 Self-Employed
15 Nirmal Singh 416/08 Self-Employed
16 Raghav Devgan 417/08 M.R.
17 Rahul Sharma 418/09 M.R. Cipla
18 Raman Verma 419/08 Abroad
19 Reenu Chhabra 421/08 Teacher
20 Ritu Kumari 422/08 Pharmacist
21 Robin 423/08 M.R.
22 Hitesh Kumar 424/08 Pharmacist
23 Pooja Sharma 427/08 Higher Studies
24 Balram Puri 428/08 Govt. Job(108 Ambulance)
25 Navjot Nagpal 429/08 M.R.
26 Parambir Singh 430/08 Govt. Job(108 Ambulance)
27 Shankar 433/08 Free
28 Gurinder Kaur 434/08 Abroad
29 Ranjay Kumar 436/08 Higher Studies
30 Amandeep Singh 403/07 Govt. Job(108 Ambulance)
31 Sharvan Kumar 424/07 Re-appear


Total Students – 31
Students Passed – 30
Students Placed – 17
Self-Employed – 02
Higher Education – 06
Went Abroad – 02
No Information/Free – 03

Contact Information

Contact Person :
Sh.Sanjay Bansal
( Head Pharmacy Deptt )

Address :
Pharmacy Department
Mehr Chand Polytechnic College,

Telephone No.:
+91 (181) 2250184 , 8968688044

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